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Video: The Safest 2016 Cars

  Despite tougher-than-ever criteria, 48 car models earned the TOP SAFETY PICK+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Since 1959, the IIHS has been testing which cars are tops when it comes to safety.  The TOP SAFETY PICK+ accolade was introduced in 2012 to recognize vehicles that offer an advanced level of safety. Last year, only 33 models made the cut. This year’s... Read Article

Q&A: What to Know about Chip Cards

You’re probably using your credit card a lot during the holiday season to pay for gifts. If so, you may have noticed a big change from previous year’s cards. Today, many credit cards come equipped with chip technology that requires you to “dip” your card into a slot. But beyond the need to no longer swipe, do you know how chip cards are different from... Read Article

The Science of Road Safety at the IIHS

  If you’ve gone car shopping lately, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) might sound familiar –it’s the organization behind the coveted Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick + ratings given to the safest models on the road. Before those ratings are given out, a lot has to happen behind the scenes. For example: Did you know the IIHS crashes 50 to 70... Read Article

The Dangers of Holiday Laser Lights

Holiday laser lights are a hot new trend in seasonal decorating. And it’s easy to see why. Instead of climbing a ladder and spending a good portion of the day stringing lights around the house, you simply plug in the laser to get the same dazzling effect. While holiday laser lights are an easy way to make homes look festive, there are serious safety concerns... Read Article

Ask ERIE: Do I Need to Insure My New Engagement Ring?

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is a popular time to get engaged. And that your new ring is beautiful and signals your newly engaged status. But did you ever consider what you would do ifthe ring was stolen, lost or damaged? Most standard homeowners insurance and renters policies only cover jewelry up to a specific dollar amount. This amount, which is known as... Read Article