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The 10 Most Dangerous Kitchen Gadgets

Here’s a surprising statistic: Three times as many house fires occur on Thanksgiving as compared to a typical day, reports the National Fire Protection Association. While it’s true that open flames or turkey fryers can quickly cause big damage, don’t discredit the power of a more humble object to ruin your family dinner. (If you’ve ever shaved your finger when a wet potato took a... Read Article

How to Have Good Relations with Your Neighbors

From your property value to your safety to your sanity, your neighbors can have a pretty big impact on your life. You can also add your health to that list. Research in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health reveals that people who have friendly neighbors they trust are less likely to have a heart attack than those who feel the opposite about their neighbors. That’s a... Read Article

5 Types of Neighbors You’ll Never Forget

Neighbors usually come and go, but every now and then you’ll meet a neighbor who lives on in infamy. Like performers in a stage play, no neighborhood is complete without at least one or two of these colorful characters. The Sculptor: This has nothing to do with art—unless of course you’re talking about your neighbor’s yard. In that case, no blade of grass or leaf on... Read Article

Insurance Veterinarians Need to Protect Their Practice

As a veterinarian, you most likely need coverage for your building, your business personal property, the personal property of others in your care, liability and employee on-the-job injuries. And that is probably just the beginning, because veterinarians face some pretty unique risks. Below are some common industry-specific risks that can help you think about insurance you may need. Not every insurer or policy offers coverage... Read Article

Libel Coverage for Online Reviews

Ask ERIE: I sometimes post online reviews of products and services. Am I covered under my homeowners or renters policy if someone accuses me of libel? From websites that collect reviews like Yelp to retailer websites that regularly solicit product reviews to social media sites like Facebook®, online reviews have exploded in popularity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a massage, a restaurant meal or a... Read Article