Next Up: Radar Guns That Bust Texting Behind the Wheel

It’s no secret that drivers face many distractions behind the wheel. Perhaps no source of distracted driving gets as much attention these days as texting while driving. Policymakers have tackled the problem with legislation banning the dangerous habit. Meanwhile, one state has even created text stops on its major highways. It sounds crazy, but the next tactic may very well be a radar gun that... Read Article

Infographic: Road Rage

Look to the skies and you’ve probably heard of a troubling pattern: “air rage,” or airline passengers fighting over reclining seats. But down here on the road, tempers can flare just as quickly. Check out this infographic for some interesting facts on road rage. We’ve also got tips for how to keep your cool when road rage hits. Read the full story from Erie Insurance:... Read Article

Teen Drivers: Safety Tips for New Drivers

As the parent of a teen driver, you may be wondering whether the hands on training and various precautions you have taken are going to be enough to keep your child safe when behind the wheel. Whether your child is driving to school, driving to a friend’s house, or going on a road trip, safety is of utmost concern. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of... Read Article

Q&A: What is No-Fault Insurance and Which States Have It?

You’ve might have heard of no-fault insurance. But do you know what it really is? If not, the following Q&A will help clarify things for you. (In addition to the general information in this Q&A, we recommend you get specific advice from your local Erie Insurance Agent.) What is no-fault insurance? No-fault insurance applies to the personal injury protection PIP (also known as Medical Payments... Read Article

Discounts, giveaways and more: Visit the ERIE Booth at the Pittsburgh Auto Show

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to relieve your cabin fever, check out the Pittsburgh Auto Show. The four-day auto extravaganza kicks off this Friday at the David Lawrence Convention Center. This year is revving up to be an especially exciting one with cars, trucks and SUVs from more than 35 manufacturers. Everything from every day rides to luxury vehicles to classic... Read Article