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As the Weather Chills, Here Are 10 Tips to Stay Warm and Healthy

As a local insurance agency providing life insurance coverage, our agents are very aware of the increased health risks over the cold winter months. Injuries as a result of car accidents in wet or icy conditions, slip and fall accidents, and cases of injury from prolonged exposure all rise over the winter months. Those who are not properly prepared for the weather, and those who are already predisposed to injury... Read Article

Three Small Business Tips to Plan for the Unexpected

I cofounded my business NutraBella, Inc. in 2005 after hearing my pregnant friends complain about horse-pill-sized prenatal vitamins. We dreamed of giving women better vitamin options with Bellybar, our brand of prenatal snacks and vitamins. So my business partner and I launched our business with passion, dreams and optimism, expecting that we would be wildly successful. What we never could have predicted were all of... Read Article

Recognizing Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Most people are aware of the importance of a diverse workforce. When men and women from different backgrounds and generations work together, we all benefit from the unique perspectives everyone brings to the table. Race, ethnicity, age, sex and religion are commonly recognized when considering diversity. But what about the different ways each of us learn and process information? Defining neurodiversity Business owners, employers and... Read Article

6 Scary Insurance Misconceptions

There are lots of spooky things about Halloween. Just a few include ghosts, goblins and the unfathomable: running out of Halloween candy. Not many people add insurance to this list, despite the fact that a coverage gap could leave you and your family in serious financial trouble. Read on to learn about six of the scariest insurance misconceptions and how you can protect yourself. Six... Read Article

Infographic: Weird Halloween Insurance Facts

Read the full story from Erie Insurance: “Infographic: Weird Halloween Insurance Facts“ October 28th, 2014 by Ron Dunn Agency... Read Article