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13 Fun Facts about Boss’s Day

Today marks Boss’s Day. No, it’s not a day to celebrate Bruce Springsteen—it’s a day to remember your on-the-job manager or supervisor. Ever wonder how this holiday came about? Or how widespread it is? Maybe you’ve even wanted to know where the word “boss” came from or just how many Boss’s Day cards Hallmark released in 2015. If so, you’ve come to the right place.... Read Article

6 Reasons Why Water Heaters Fail

It’s no fun going without hot water. And that’s especially true when the seasons change and the temperatures take a dip. Like nearly every other appliance in your house, your water heater can fail. And that can lead to leaks (not to mention many nights of chilly showers). Here are some of the reasons why water heaters fail—and what you can do help prevent that... Read Article

Five Tips for Buying Snow Tires

You know you need snow tires. That’s the easy part. Knowing which snow tires are the right ones for your car is where it gets tough. There are literally hundreds of options out there, making it easy to feel overwhelmed. To help snap you out of analysis paralysis, check out these five snow-tire shopping tips. Keep them in mind as you begin your snow tire... Read Article

How Do Snow Tires Work?

When winter’s worst road conditions strike, snow tires could be a lifesaver. But why? The key to snow tires’ effectiveness starts with their tread. Snow tires have a very deep tread pattern that allows them to pack snow in while they’re moving without slipping. The deeper a tire’s tread, the more able it is to safely pack in snow. The tire’s pattern is also an... Read Article

Which Cars Need Snow Tires?

As winter beckons, seasonal car care becomes a concern for most drivers. You start hearing that you need to get your fluids checked, get serious about a car emergency kit and stash a bag of kitty litter in the trunk in case your car needs a little extra traction in a pinch. And speaking of traction, you’re also hearing plenty of talk about snow tires.... Read Article